Tarmac : a tool kit for entrepreneurs

Tarmac provides you a global booster program to help you grow your business,
as a entrepreneurial tool kit where you can freely find the expertise you need,
when you need it…


Why be incubated ?

of un-incubated startups fail after 3 years

of incubated startups succeed


  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Connections with key partners (bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs, hiher education resources, angel investors and VCs, subcontractors, other local booster programs …)
  • Public relations, press release and webmarketing
  • Free experts consultancy
  • Networking and business events


  • Training sessions : a master class complete program (create and grow in France, from idea to startup a business model to consilidate, fund its startup, from prototype to industrialization keys to succeed, market access the critical challenge of commercial start, develop its company the steps to grow)
  • Conferences and information meetings
  • Professionnal events
  • Best-practices sharing
  • Pitch sessions

Join the [startupers] tribu !

95% of failures are due to human, 95% of success too :
the entrepreneurial community, a key of your success

Share with other entrepreneurs about its project, challenge its ideas,
explore together new  innovative ways and capitalize on best pratices
that proved their efficiency contribute actively to entrepreneurial success.

Tarmac team agitates daily the collaborative creativity of the tribu, so that each one can be as well provider
or consumer of the booster program that is collectively co-elaborated.

Much more than a simple place to develop its business, Tarmac is a way of life as well as a state of mind,
driven by a shared “human first” and positive attitude…

Entrepreneur mornings

A break time to share problems, tips and tricks, adress book or just relax with a coffee !

Think drinks

A bi-monthly “beer friday” to work his elevator pitch, share tops and flops, have or give collective feedbacks on his business model, share his best pratices…


Monthly training sessions to help your perform in your commercial, marketing, financial, strategic or managerial challenges, via a master class program that drives you at each stage of your startup running.