Go Touch VR on #CES2017 : touch virtual reality with a revolutionar haptic interface !

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blog_une_gotouchvr_ces2017VR Touch is a revolutionary haptic wearable device creating the illusion of touching a virtual object for Augmented and Virtual Reality systems. VR Touch is ready to work with any VR headset on the market. VR Touch creates a real contact under the user’s fingers matching the virtual contact experienced by the users in virtual reality. The coupling of virtual, experienced with the sight, and real contact, experienced with VR Touch, generates in the user not just a feeling, but the illusion of touching a real object. VR Touch is fully wireless, and has the size of a ring. The scalability of the concept involving one, two, or even ten fingers equipped with the same device allows the right user experience for many different applications such as gaming, 3D design, music playing, virtual desktop, and 3D pointing.
VR Touch is compatible with: Leap Motion, Intel Real Sense, any Virtual Reality headset such as: Oculus, HTC Vive, OSVR and Google Daydream. The device supports al the major engines, such as Unity, Unreal Engine, and CryEngine.
Introducing high quality haptic rendering in the virtual reality market will fundamentally enhance the user experience, and Go Touch VR will be the driver of the innovation. « We will unveil VR Touch at the the CES 2017 in the VR section of the Eureka Park booth 50404, where we will announce the kickstarter campaign » says Eric Vezzoni, co-founder of the Tarmac’s startup.

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