1st #masterclass at Tarmac for foreign startup of French Tech Ticket with #GEM

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70 international startup were selected by The French Tech Ticket Program to join one of the 41 partners incubators in France for a 12 months booster program that includes public funding (through BPI), resident permit, an incubation pack, a helpdesk for admistrative procedure (through UT38 in Grenoble), a welcome guide, and a global acceleration program, with inter-incubators masterclasses.
That’s why Savoie Technolac, Bizmedtec and Tarmac worked together with French Tech in the Alps to organize the 6 compulsory training sessions, and to split them in the different incubators.
For the 1st topic of the program « cultural impact of doing business in France », it is Tarmac that was in charge to organize it on february the 14th. Thanks to its partenership with GEM, the Grenoble School of Management, Tarmac had the luck to benefit of an expert speaker : Michelle Mielly, specialized in intercultural management and effective communication, with 20 years of professionnal experience in an international contexte, where she has already developed extensive training and coaching sessions in cross cultural communication.
The startup of Lyon French Tech were also invited to share the session, as well as some foreign founders that could’nt apply to the Program, to share about cultural differences. Many topics have been treated, such as cognitive diversity (its problems but also its advantages), soft skills, manifestations of culture, and principal dimensions of cultural differences (monochronic /vs/ polychronic behavior, power distance, individualism /vs/ collectivism, uncertainty avoidance, assertiveness …).
And at the end, everybody was invited to share about French cultural specifities, both perceived from outside by international people, and from inside by french participants of the session : an interesting dialog to explore realities behind clichés !

Suivez-nous !

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Labellisée par Retis, inovallée est une technopole de l’innovation durable située près de Grenoble, au pied des montagnes.

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