5 startup of Tarmac incubator on CES 2017 #TheTechRegionAtCES

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blog_une_ces2017_blancAuvergne-Rhône-Alpes is the France’s N°1 Tech Region. No surprise then if 36 of its innovative companies will soon fly to Las vegas to participate to the most important international exhibition : the famous CES. In this dynamic innovation ecosystem, Tarmac incubator will be widely represented by 5 of the 30 startup actually incubated on inovallée technological park :

  • Apitrak : Apitrak helps you keep track of any mobile asset within your buildings. Just in France, one billion dollars’ worth of assets is lost each year in hospitals and we aim to reduce this bill. Our solution works on your existing Wifi infrastructure: you can get started in a few hours. With Apitrak, you will save time looking for assets; and you will save money on your inventory.
  • Enlaps : Have you ever seen great time lapse photography? These videos where you can see a long event in a few seconds like a blooming flower, a construction project built from the ground
    to the sky or the sun rising, the clouds passing overhead and the sun setting over a panoramic vista. Enlaps is a unique, complete, plug-and-play time lapse solution, from initial photography to sharing over the web. Infinite battery energy and no memory card limit, for a professional quality result. For professional photographers, photography lovers, or for fun. In 1 month Enlaps got 500 backers for 185 on Kickstarter !
  • Go Touch VR : GoTouchVR is an innovative design company. It is made up of experts in haptics who are pioneering tactile solutions for Virtual and Augmented Reality and who improve the user experience by introducing highquality haptic devices for hand interaction. We are proposing VRTouch, a wearable ring that creates a real contact under the user’s fingers. The coupling of virtual (sight) and real contact (VRTouch) generates in the user the illusion of touching a real object in VR.
  • Lancey Energy Storage : Lancey Energy Storage provides a plug and play space heater integrating a lithium battery. The patented architecture provides up to 50% bill economy, storing
    electricity when it’s cheap and consuming it when the user needs it most. Easy to install, compatible with Demand Response policies, controlled by your smartphone and allowing important energy savings, the space heater by Lancey Energy Storage is the smartest way to store energy.
  • SteadXP : powered by a CES Innovation award, SteadXP is a motion recording device easily plugged to nearly all kind of cameras, combined with a performant and automatic post-treatment software, that turns any handheld video into a fully stabilized, professional grade, cinematic shot.

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